Paddle & fishing

Join us in our canoe and kayak fishing expeditions to discover the wilderness areas of the Ter River from the inside, in search of trouts, barbels, carps or marine species in it’s Delta.

Full day all inclusive

Our expeditions runs in the middle and lower part of the Ter River, this area go from the city of Girona all the way down to the sea. We divide this distance in 3 sections and depending on the time of year, we fish one section or another. The last section of the river flows into the sea, where we can find freshwater and saltwater species, being able to catch a large carp and sea bass in the same day.

Most of the time it is sight fishing from the canoe or kayak. Once we locate the fish, we stop the boat and wade carefully to not spook the fish and be able to make an accurate cast. We target all these species by fly fishing, either in Tenkara or in the traditional rod and reel rig. Available spinning gear, but not as effective as fly fishing.

  • Duration: One day (8 hours) 
  • Destination: Ter River mid & lower section
  • Trips run daily  from April through October
  • Target Species: Trouts, Carps, Barbel, Seabass, Mullet
  • Boats: Canoe and Kayak
  • Requires 2 anglers per trip

  • Fishing guide
  • Canoe or Kayak
  • Full riverside lunch
  • Snaks & soft drinks
  • Fishing gear
  • Live vest & waterproof bag
  • Fishing permits

Paddle & Fishing

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