BRAVA FISHING is the first company to offer fishing trips for Fly Fishing, Tenkara, and Spinning anglers in Spain, founded by the filmmaker and fishing guide Martín González Damonte, with base in the Costa Brava.


After years in the film and TV industry, and with fishing as his main hobby, Martin decided to shoot a documentary about the Ter River. His goal was to raise awareness of the problems suffered by this river, problems that were also common to many other rivers on the planet. Working on this project, he realized that the anglers community was the most sensitive to the problems of the river and those most involved in its protection. In this way, logic indicated that if we favoured fishing, we would be creating more sensitive and responsible people to help safeguard the future of our waters. With these ideas in mind, Martin founded Brava Fishing, an activist company for the protection of our aquatic environments through fishing.  


A percentage of the money we raise, goes to support actions to help in the conservation of our planet, the production of the recent feature documentary film about the problems of the  Ter River titled El Ter al Límit it’s an example.


In our region we have a varied species available for fly & spin fishing techniques. In fresh water the most common are brown trout, rainbow trout, and barbel, but we also can go for carp and bass. The Costa Brava is our main destination for salt water, we target species like Mullet, Sea Bass, Leerfish, Bluefish, Amberjack, Groupers, Squids and a great variety of Rock fish.

All the way down from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean sea we offer a nice combination of fishing, gastronomy and the Mediterranean life style. Girona & the Costa Brava already had a touristic infrastructure in place, and Ter River is a well known destination for trout and the powerful barbel, knows as the fresh water bone fish.

So, come and enjoy with us!